The biannual ice dive

On Saturday I went ice diving. It is now two years since I got certified and this time I joined another group taking the PADI ice diver course. I brought my camera and came away with this short video showing how much fun we had despite the cold water. We actually had -1°C!!


Wreck diving video from the S/S Helga Ferdinand

Since videos are a great source of inspiration for me I am constantly on the look-out for good clips. I was particularly happy to find this amazing video of the wreck of the German cargo ship S/S Helga Ferdinand, produced by Northsea Explorers.

S/S Helga Ferdinand sank after being attacked by British airplanes, while traveling in a convoy along the Norwegian coast in November of 1944.

The ship lies at a depth of 40 – 65 meters in a sheltered part of the fjord that surrounds Bremanger in Midt-Gulen, Norway.

On Vimeo, Northsea Explorers explain that “the 4 minute vid is a result of 5 dives on the wreck with bottom times ranging from 30-45 minutes, over 2 hours with footage, six divers, bringing the total divetime close to 400 minutes.”

Working with suggestive lighting of the wreck and very nice camera movements, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

The team is currently working on a documentary on the legendary German cruiser “Blücher“, which sunk in Norway during WWII.


Make a virtual dive on Swedish wreck Eric Nordevall

View from a virtual dive on (Photo by Erik Rådström)

The work to create a historic wreck diving park in Swedish lake Vättern, with one-of-a-kind wreck Eric Nordevall as the main attraction, was chronicled in X-ray mag this summer.

Now, in an effort to increase public interest in generating the dive park, the team has launched a website allowing visitors to make a virtual wreck dive on Eric Nordevall. By logging in at you can se a spheric photographic representation of the wreck, allowing you to look around the wreck from the center point, with additional still pictures of certain details of the wreck.

The cool thing is, if you have an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4, you can use the motion control to direct your view.

Happy diving!

Read the whole article about the wreck park here.

Do your virtual wreck dive here.

Dykpark Vättern website (in Swedish).

Åk på dykresa, och besök Titanic.

Nästa år är det 100 år sedan Titanic sjönk. Nu erbjuder företaget Deep Ocean Explorers en två veckors jubileumskryssning till vrakplatsen. Ett dyk med ubåt ner till vraket på 3800m djup ingår. Enda problemet är priset, ca 60000 dollar. Men smakar det så kostar det. Läs artikel i NY times.

Dolda i det djupa blå – Artikel i SvD om svenska vrak

Dagens Svd har en bra artikel om kända svenska vrak.

“Med fynden av krigsvidundren Mars och Svärdet befästs Östersjöns status som världens finaste vrakkyrkogård. Kanske vilar rester av uppemot 100 000 fartyg här. SvD berättar några av historierna från innanhavets mest spännande trävrak.”