Best dive of the year 2012: The seal encounter [video]


Recently I was asked to identify my best dive of 2012. This time it was easy. The seal encounter during my trip to Väderöarna on the Swedish west coast. It was amazing!

Towards the end of a dive at “Trolleskär” my buddies saw the seal of which I, the only one of us carrying a camera, only caught a glimpse of. Camera was off of course…

Hoping that the seal would return I turned on the camera and we lingered in the same spot for a few minutes. Finally we gave up and continued the dive.

However, at the safety stop, one of my buddies is deploying his SMB, with me filming for future reference and feed back, luck strikes for real!!

The very curious seal returned and circled us, nibbling at our fins. What an experience! Although only a couple of seconds on film, it felt much longer in real time. Definitely the best dive of 2012 and a great reminder of the adventures that can be found below the surface!

So, which was your best dive of 2012?


The Underwater Realm, five films about a race of people living beneath the sea

The Underwater Realm from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.

I recently found out about the Underwater Realm project, and got so fascinated with it that I just had to write about it here. The Underwater Realm are five short films, each telling a story about a moment in history when mankind have come into contact with a race of people living beneath the sea. The films are produced by Realm pictures, an independent production company, and set entirely underwater. The ultimate goal with these short films is to raise awareness about life in the ocean and to whip up support for a trilogy of feature films on the same subject.

Now the group at Realm pictures need your help to finish the project. Watch the movie clip above and the UWR video blog to find out more about the project. Also, make sure to check out their kickstarter campaign, and help with funding for the project. They have created a lot of really cool givebacks for those supporting the project.

So what does this have to do with scuba diving you ask? Well apart from the fun I take of watching (almost) any movie taking place under water, the team at Realm are also developing new tools for filming under water. Stuff that one day might be useful for you and me.

Dive safe!