Finding a way through

jarbru kopia

Click the image to play the movie. (accessible through July 17, 2013)

Ok, big thanks to Swedish public televison broadcaster (SVT) who spoiled us with diving films the last week. Here is a link to another cave diving documentary. This film is about an expedition aiming at finding a passage through the Jarbru cave in Norway.


Film: The invisible river


Click the image to view the film. (accessible through July 10, 2013.)

Swedish television just aired a documentary about a cave diving project, “Bjurälven”, in the north of Sweden. Due to extremely high water flows, the cave is only accessible for divers in the winter time. Which in northern Sweden can be quite cold. As you can imagine, this makes exploration of the cave quite difficult. As an example, the team has developed special heaters just to keep the regulators from freezing up.

More information on Expedition Bjurälven can be found here.

Diving between continental plates in Silfra, Iceland

Ok, so time for another cold water dive site on my diving wish list. This time its off to Iceland, and Silfra. In the Silfra rift, you dive in a crack, right between the American and Eurasian continental plates. In some places, you can even touch both America and Europe at the same time!

The water that fills the continental rift, originates from a melting glacier and is filtered through the porous lava rock for many years before it reaching the lake. This plus the low water temperature, between +2C° and +4°C, makes the water extremely clear, and horizontal visibility often exceeds 100m (330ft). I just have to go there!


Liquid ice“- another clip from Silfra– Dive center on Iceland with tours to Silfra and other dive sites

The Underwater Realm, five films about a race of people living beneath the sea

The Underwater Realm from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.

I recently found out about the Underwater Realm project, and got so fascinated with it that I just had to write about it here. The Underwater Realm are five short films, each telling a story about a moment in history when mankind have come into contact with a race of people living beneath the sea. The films are produced by Realm pictures, an independent production company, and set entirely underwater. The ultimate goal with these short films is to raise awareness about life in the ocean and to whip up support for a trilogy of feature films on the same subject.

Now the group at Realm pictures need your help to finish the project. Watch the movie clip above and the UWR video blog to find out more about the project. Also, make sure to check out their kickstarter campaign, and help with funding for the project. They have created a lot of really cool givebacks for those supporting the project.

So what does this have to do with scuba diving you ask? Well apart from the fun I take of watching (almost) any movie taking place under water, the team at Realm are also developing new tools for filming under water. Stuff that one day might be useful for you and me.

Dive safe!