The biannual ice dive

On Saturday I went ice diving. It is now two years since I got certified and this time I joined another group taking the PADI ice diver course. I brought my camera and came away with this short video showing how much fun we had despite the cold water. We actually had -1°C!!


Best dive of the year 2012: The seal encounter [video]


Recently I was asked to identify my best dive of 2012. This time it was easy. The seal encounter during my trip to Väderöarna on the Swedish west coast. It was amazing!

Towards the end of a dive at “Trolleskär” my buddies saw the seal of which I, the only one of us carrying a camera, only caught a glimpse of. Camera was off of course…

Hoping that the seal would return I turned on the camera and we lingered in the same spot for a few minutes. Finally we gave up and continued the dive.

However, at the safety stop, one of my buddies is deploying his SMB, with me filming for future reference and feed back, luck strikes for real!!

The very curious seal returned and circled us, nibbling at our fins. What an experience! Although only a couple of seconds on film, it felt much longer in real time. Definitely the best dive of 2012 and a great reminder of the adventures that can be found below the surface!

So, which was your best dive of 2012?

Video: Poseidon talk about their new tech rebreather

In may, the Swedish dive gear manufacturer Poseidon introduced their new TECH rebreather. In this video from  the 3rd rebreather event, Poseidon talks more about the new rebreather unit, which will go on sale in November 2012. More information can be found here.

Ice Ice Baby

Beautiful Ice Diving from Discovery Diving on Vimeo.

Plagued by some kind of cold, I am unable to go diving. It totally sucks!

Hopefully I will be good to go for the planned ice diving week end in two weeks. It will be almost exactly one year since I got certified as a Padi Ice diver.

For a long time ít seemed that neither the Baltic sea or the lake Mälaren (close to Stockholm) would freeze this winter, but a couple of weeks ago it finally started. Yesterday I even took a hike on the ice of lake Mälaren. So now everything is set! I just have to kick this cold…

Anyway, here is an inspirational video of ice diving in Russia. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Enjoy free digital editions of Dive Magazine

I just found out that DIVE magazine is offering free access to a digital version of their latest issue, so naturally I had to check it out.

Turns out it’s not only this issue, but every coming issue will be available for free for one month!

You can read DIVE both on your pc/mac (by registering on their website), or by downloading the DIVE app to your mobile device from the kindle/android/apple app store.

I have read on my laptop as well as on my iPhone, and must say that I was positively surprised at how well it read, even on the relatively small screen of my phone. A nice feature is the easy switch between  the “page view” and  the “text view”, just by tapping the screen. This allows both nice overview as well as good legibility on the screen. Moreover, it is possible to alter the text size and images can be enlarged by tapping the screen. Add to this the obvious function of going back and forth between the index and the stories you like, and you have all you need for a moments escape into the world below.