The biannual ice dive

On Saturday I went ice diving. It is now two years since I got certified and this time I joined another group taking the PADI ice diver course. I brought my camera and came away with this short video showing how much fun we had despite the cold water. We actually had -1°C!!


Best dive of the year 2012: The seal encounter [video]


Recently I was asked to identify my best dive of 2012. This time it was easy. The seal encounter during my trip to Väderöarna on the Swedish west coast. It was amazing!

Towards the end of a dive at “Trolleskär” my buddies saw the seal of which I, the only one of us carrying a camera, only caught a glimpse of. Camera was off of course…

Hoping that the seal would return I turned on the camera and we lingered in the same spot for a few minutes. Finally we gave up and continued the dive.

However, at the safety stop, one of my buddies is deploying his SMB, with me filming for future reference and feed back, luck strikes for real!!

The very curious seal returned and circled us, nibbling at our fins. What an experience! Although only a couple of seconds on film, it felt much longer in real time. Definitely the best dive of 2012 and a great reminder of the adventures that can be found below the surface!

So, which was your best dive of 2012?

Diving between continental plates in Silfra, Iceland

Ok, so time for another cold water dive site on my diving wish list. This time its off to Iceland, and Silfra. In the Silfra rift, you dive in a crack, right between the American and Eurasian continental plates. In some places, you can even touch both America and Europe at the same time!

The water that fills the continental rift, originates from a melting glacier and is filtered through the porous lava rock for many years before it reaching the lake. This plus the low water temperature, between +2C° and +4°C, makes the water extremely clear, and horizontal visibility often exceeds 100m (330ft). I just have to go there!


Liquid ice“- another clip from Silfra– Dive center on Iceland with tours to Silfra and other dive sites