Finding a way through

jarbru kopia

Click the image to play the movie. (accessible through July 17, 2013)

Ok, big thanks to Swedish public televison broadcaster (SVT) who spoiled us with diving films the last week. Here is a link to another cave diving documentary. This film is about an expedition aiming at finding a passage through the Jarbru cave in Norway.


Film: The invisible river


Click the image to view the film. (accessible through July 10, 2013.)

Swedish television just aired a documentary about a cave diving project, “Bjurälven”, in the north of Sweden. Due to extremely high water flows, the cave is only accessible for divers in the winter time. Which in northern Sweden can be quite cold. As you can imagine, this makes exploration of the cave quite difficult. As an example, the team has developed special heaters just to keep the regulators from freezing up.

More information on Expedition Bjurälven can be found here.

Into the darkness – a cave diving documentary

For several days I have been thinking of cave diving. Strange maybe, since I know that it’s something that I, most likely, will never do. I don’t like the idea of diving with a “roof” over my head, and not being able to surface directly. Ice diving being the only exception. At least to me. “Regular” decompression diving is bad enough, but diving in a cave or a mine!? Nah, I don’t think so.

Despite my brain’s inability to deal with the idea, I am absolutely fascinated with cave diving, and the people who do it. And I really admire their psyche.

The film “Into the Darkness”, by Marcus Taylor of Real Adventure Film, follows British cave divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen on expeditions to Cogol die Veci in 2004 & 2005, and gives you an insight into their personalities. Enjoy!

Links: Real Adventure Film