The biannual ice dive

On Saturday I went ice diving. It is now two years since I got certified and this time I joined another group taking the PADI ice diver course. I brought my camera and came away with this short video showing how much fun we had despite the cold water. We actually had -1°C!!


Ice Ice Baby

Beautiful Ice Diving from Discovery Diving on Vimeo.

Plagued by some kind of cold, I am unable to go diving. It totally sucks!

Hopefully I will be good to go for the planned ice diving week end in two weeks. It will be almost exactly one year since I got certified as a Padi Ice diver.

For a long time ít seemed that neither the Baltic sea or the lake Mälaren (close to Stockholm) would freeze this winter, but a couple of weeks ago it finally started. Yesterday I even took a hike on the ice of lake Mälaren. So now everything is set! I just have to kick this cold…

Anyway, here is an inspirational video of ice diving in Russia. Looks cool, doesn’t it?