NEWS: Poseidon introduces the new Tech Rebreather, to go on sale in November 2012

Poseidon introduces its new family member, the Poseidon Tech at Rebreather Forum 3 in Orlando, Florida. The world’s first rebreather to have a fully automatic bailout system, the Poseidon Tech features a redundant back-up rebreather with fully automatic switching. In brief, you can say it’s two rebreathers in one.
In the event of a malfunction, the Poseidon Tech’s safety system switches from the primary to secondary rebreather without missing a breath – or you missing a beat. With a secondary dive computer, nothing gets lost in the switch. This gives the diver time to evaluate the situation, enabling them to make better decisions. The diver can then make manual additions to the system, or leave the system in automatic mode.

Peter Swartling, CEO of Poseidon Diving Systems, says that Poseidon Tech takes diving to a whole new dimension:

“Poseidon Tech means we can offer divers greatly enhanced safety for technical diving. Poseidon’s aim is to increase the level of automation by using smart systems that monitor every breath, make adjustments accordingly and interact with the user only when they need to know what’s going on. The introduction of Poseidon Tech is a giant step towards the perfect diving experience.”

Poseidon Tech will be available for sale from November 2012. Pricing will be announced at that time.

Read the entire press release here.


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