Oh snorkel where art thou?

One good thing about the diving “off-season”, which it is right now in Sweden with most diving spots still blocked by a thick layer of ice, is I at least get a lot of time looking at new equipment and contemplating potential upgrades to my gear. Usually, identifying new pieces of equipment that I “need”, isn’t all that hard. And this year is no exception.

So far, I have concluded that I probably need a new pair of dry gloves (which I can put on myself), at least one new computer (one as a backup, and maybe one with air integration…), a new torch (at some point), a new pair of fins (rubber), and, well you get the picture, right?

But there is one thing that I found, that I absolutely have to have. A new snorkel!

I know, I already have got one. And I admit it, I don’t use it very much. But you see, this isn’t just your regular snorkel.

This is a folding snorkel! It even fits into your back jeans pocket!

I absolutely hate having the snorkel hanging onto my mask strap all the time, especially since I don’t use it very much. But this snorkel fits easily in the inner leg pocket of my dry suit (or bcd). Brilliant!

I can’t believe it took the world thousands of years to come up with this invention.

Anyway, the folding snorkel is my latest find. What new piece of equipment is at the top of your list?

Dive safe,



3 responses to “Oh snorkel where art thou?

  1. I’m with you. Snorkels are for the birds, but every once in a while they’re nice to have. (or required when I’m teaching) Some time ago, someone produced a snorkel made from the same ball and joint tubing they use for strobe arms, but it didn’t fold down as small as they one you found. Good find indeed.

  2. I like my snorkel, especially for dives around the west coast of Vancouver Island, where it gets choppy on the surface. I know a lot of divers that use those folders though, and they swear by them!

    My next piece of gear will most likely be a strobe for my camera or a backup computer.

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