Enjoy free digital editions of Dive Magazine

I just found out that DIVE magazine is offering free access to a digital version of their latest issue, so naturally I had to check it out.

Turns out it’s not only this issue, but every coming issue will be available for free for one month!

You can read DIVE both on your pc/mac (by registering on their website), or by downloading the DIVE app to your mobile device from the kindle/android/apple app store.

I have read on my laptop as well as on my iPhone, and must say that I was positively surprised at how well it read, even on the relatively small screen of my phone. A nice feature is the easy switch between  the “page view” and  the “text view”, just by tapping the screen. This allows both nice overview as well as good legibility on the screen. Moreover, it is possible to alter the text size and images can be enlarged by tapping the screen. Add to this the obvious function of going back and forth between the index and the stories you like, and you have all you need for a moments escape into the world below.



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