Minireview of Diveboard, an online dive log

Dive log

Image of my Diveboard dive log of todays dive.

I have looked at several websites offering online dive logging. So far though, I haven’t really found any that i like that  much. So this week, I was positively surprised when I found out about Diveboard.

Diveboard has all the basic functions you’d want to include in your  dive log, such as info on the dive site, basic data about the dive, your buddy etc. You can also import data, including your dive profile, directly from your dive computer, either one dive at the time, or several dives in one go. The site supports import from several different computer brands and works on both pc and mac ( i used my suunto vyper and a mac). In addition to uploading the photos you have taken, the species of fish or other animals that you encountered during your dive can be added through a in-site connection to the encyclopedia of life []. Then your dive log will contain links to pictures and information on that particular species. Very neat!

Other fun features are the possibility to add your buddy through Facebook, sharing your dive log directly on fb, and to print out your dive log to fit a binder-type log book. There is also a search function which you can use to find other divers, logs or dive sites.

In general, I liked both the layout and the look of the site. Most of the features are well thought out, the one thing that really bothered me was the poor look of the printed logbook page. In comparison to the nice look of the site, the print-out layout/design looks is very basic. This really need to improve before I put those pages into my hard copy log book. Also, it would be nice to be able to get at least a few thumbnail pictures included on the printout page.

Overall I must say that the Diveboard website is the best online dive log that I have seen so far, and I’ll probably keep on trying it a little while longer. But if the developers can improve the looks of the printed logbook page, it’s definitely the  site I’m looking for.

Oh, one more thing. Did I mention it’s free? 🙂



3 responses to “Minireview of Diveboard, an online dive log

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  2. the design and user interface is amazing.
    very well thought out indeed.

    It could do better on reporting though and support for technical divers

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