Make a virtual dive on Swedish wreck Eric Nordevall

View from a virtual dive on (Photo by Erik Rådström)

The work to create a historic wreck diving park in Swedish lake Vättern, with one-of-a-kind wreck Eric Nordevall as the main attraction, was chronicled in X-ray mag this summer.

Now, in an effort to increase public interest in generating the dive park, the team has launched a website allowing visitors to make a virtual wreck dive on Eric Nordevall. By logging in at you can se a spheric photographic representation of the wreck, allowing you to look around the wreck from the center point, with additional still pictures of certain details of the wreck.

The cool thing is, if you have an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4, you can use the motion control to direct your view.

Happy diving!

Read the whole article about the wreck park here.

Do your virtual wreck dive here.

Dykpark Vättern website (in Swedish).


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