Unusual dive site: An underground ICBM missile silo

Titan I missile silo from Dan Warter (DCS Films) on Vimeo.

This has to bee one of the coolest dive sites ever. You like going back in time by diving on a wreck? How about returning to the era of the cold war by diving in a Titan I ICBM underground missile silo?

The Titan I intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was one of the first strategic ICBMs built by the USA. Developed in the 1950s, the titan I missiles were about 25m tall and weighed 15o tons. Carrying a thermonuclear warhead with a 3.75 megaton yield (250 times that of the Hiroshima bomb), the Titan I missile had a range of about 11500 km. The Missiles were stored in “Missile complexes”, each containing three underground launch silos with a control center and living quarters for the approximately 140 people working there. Decommissioned in 1965, the site is now abandoned.

But join up with the folks at Undersea Adventures in Kenwick, WA, and you can dive the missile silo too! This one definitely goes on my top ten “must do dives”.

Painting of a Titan I missile silo complex


Undersea Adventures

More information on the Titan I missile can be found here and here.


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